Let’s Be Brave and Achieve Our Dream, Part 1

Is there a dream you’ve left behind? One of my big ones keeps knocking at my door. It won’t leave me alone after thirty years of me trying to push it under the rug. So I’m going to work on getting it done, and I’m hoping you will join me with whatever dream you’ve got that won’t leave you alone, either.

Unfortunately, I grew up second guessing myself a lot. I rarely voiced my life’s dreams for fear I would sound ridiculous. Little ol’ me doing that? Ha, ha. In fact, I kept a lot of my dreams hidden because I didn’t want people to laugh at me. I’ve been learning over the last year that people won’t laugh at you. If you speak it and you believe it, they will believe in you, too. More importantly, it’s not up to them.

Well, I can’t go back to those early days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t follow my heart now. Now is the time for courage. For me, and for you, too.

What’s your dream? Maybe for you it’s a business you want to create, or a project you want to finish. Perhaps it’s a non-profit organization you want to start. Maybe a blog, or a hobby you’ve not taken the time to explore yet. Maybe you’ve wanted to play in a golf tournament, or save up and go to a destination on your bucket list.

For me, my dream involves written words. I love them. On stormy days of doubt and late evenings of wisdom-seeking, I snuggle up with quotes from others who have experienced life before me. The “music-makers”, the “dreamers of dreams”. The justice seekers and the scholars of love.

If I had my druthers, I’d sit all day under the glittery shade of a birch tree with someone and talk about why we have this hamster wheel society and who started it all, and why must we conform. I’d bundle up and take long winter walks on snowshoes with a friend among the sleepy, grand Sequoias and discuss what heaven will be like, and describe my imaginings of my dad singing How Great Thou Art with choirs of angels…and then later, we would hold steamy mugs of Irish coffee by the fireplace and wonder aloud if God would mind if my Papa finished teaching me how to bet on horses once in awhile when I join him up there someday.

These philosophical thoughts I have…there is not much room for them to be discussed in a world of work and errands. Or often they are dismissed as being a waste of time because so much “can’t be changed” or answered definitively, so why bother talking about it?

So I write. The page listens. 🙂

Which perhaps is why I’ve always wanted to write a book. That’s my dream. The thing is I’m still trying to figure out what kind of book, and I’m still trying to learn how to accomplish writing one. I had an inspired idea for a non-fiction book about a year and a half ago, and the topic is close to my heart. But I’ve sort of been plodding along, and for a few months I’ve been avoiding it altogether. I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. In college, I avoided taking classes on writing because I didn’t feel I measured up. Rarr!! That would’ve been the perfect chance to learn some good stuff.

At age 40, I decided to finally attempt to write a book. I’ve started, and I’ve reached the place where I’m overwhelmed with navigating the space between starting and completing it. Wrestling with tens of thousands of words is a daunting prospect. I really don’t think I fully know what I’ve gotten myself into. However, I’m going to have to jump in there and go for it if I want to get it done. The dream is still there, and I don’t think it will let me ignore it any longer.

So, I’m going to keep trying. Even if it’s the teeniest of baby steps. I need some training wheels because I feel inept and lost and scared silly. But that shouldn’t stop me. And as time slips by so swiftly, the sense of urgency I now have to learn how to get it done becomes more evident with every sun that rises.

I find myself on the other side of youth, and I feel I’ve got things to say. People to encourage. All of a sudden, it’s not about me and the page that listens. It’s about helping others, so the pages can be part of a healing for the reader as well as myself. Every life is different and valuable. I’ve been blessed in my life…there is a lot I take for granted. But I’ve dealt with pain and longing and inner struggles. I’ve come to find that there is a dark side of life, but if we are determined enough to find the light, we will.

I keep thinking that maybe God has meant for me to use the difficulties in my life for a purpose, and I want to honor Him in that. Maybe, through writing, I can help just one person see even a little spark that could ultimately become a source of strength for them to pull through.

I’ve got some learning to do, and I’ve got some patience to acquire. Somehow, I need to make a leap beyond just writing about myself and, instead, write for you. So I won’t give up on this dream now. I’m going to persevere. Most of all, I need to dig deep and find my courage. Is courage keeping you from your dream?

In Part 2 of Let’s Be Brave and Achieve Our Dream, I’ll be exploring 10 ways that will help you and me get our dream done:

  1. Acknowledge your dream–what is it?
  2. Pray about it–God is with you.
  3. Embrace it–nothing is too silly, too big, or too small; own it!
  4. Declare it–you are good enough, you will learn.
  5. Find accountability and encouragers—build your team.
  6. Keep your dream in motion—get a strategy and don’t give up.
  7. Give yourself grace in the setbacks–remember that dreams don’t adhere to “rules”.
  8. Know how to recognize when it’s okay to let a dream fall away or rest.
  9. Have fun with the work involved—-will you view it as a battle…or a playground? 🙂
  10. Be proud of it! 

I hope you can join me! If you’ve got a dream you’ve been wanting to achieve, share it with us in the comments. We are in this together.

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