Reflections on a 30-Day Writing Challenge: Part II

*Edited 11/13/20…because a lot has changed since April. I had originally listed 10 things in this post all about what I noticed about views, “likes”, blog stats, etc. I was trying to be honest, analytical, but it never felt right. So I’m chalking up #11-20 to one sentence. All of that other stuff doesn’t matter to me anymore. It never really did. 

Welcome back to the second part of this three part series on what I learned about writing (and myself as a writer) after taking part in a 30-Day Writing Challenge, which was encouraged over at the Higher Purpose Writers Facebook page. In Part I, I shared the first of 30 things I learned from my experience with this challenge.

30 Things I Learned While Writing for 30 Days (continued)

#11-20) *I’ve learned to stop looking at the blog stats and, instead, focus on what really matters.


Thank you for joining me again! Tomorrow I’ll have the last of my list of 30. I’ve left my favorites for the end. Hope to see you there!

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Photo by Yusuf Yulipurnawan from Pexels

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